InTransit Mobility Engineering

Asset Management

With an increased climate and capacity focus also comes higher demand on accessibility and robustness in public transport and its systems.

Ensuring a quality vehicle fleet

Asset and life cycle management plays a large and important role in ensuring cost efficiency both for new acquisitions as well as for existing assets, for example a fleet of vehicles.

We can offer services such as:

  • Assist with expertise regarding upgrades/remodelling.
  • Assist with procurement and planning of heavy maintenance, upgrades and modifications.
  • Assist in providing so-called high-value components for heavy preventive maintenance.
  • Set processes and methods for establishing vehicle documentation.
  • Follow-up of quality of performed maintenance.

System and vehicle development

We also offer these services:

  • Maintenance optimization.
  • Follow-up of operational reliability and function in traffic.
  • Monitoring of new authority requirements.
  • Further development of vehicles and maintenance incl. documentation.
  • Safety management for public transport systems.
  • Project management, technical project management and specialists under vehicle development, delivery and operation/warranty and Obsolescence Management.

Together for sustainable growth

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