InTransit Mobility Engineering

Traffic planning and system management

In a world with increasing competition and higher demands on public transport in general, the need for a well-optimized planning system is a key component to strengthen its competitiveness in tender procedures but of course also in its already established public transport operations.

Systems, tools and planning

For a traffic operator, in tenders as well as the already established business, the difference between red and black numbers can be how well employees use the planning tool, how well the optimizations correlate to collective agreements and deviations for each area, how effective the long-term and daily planning is and how well the planning system is used in symbiosis between efficiency, planning processes and the business that uses it.

Wide range of services

For example, we provide services such as:

  • Hastus specialist competence, requirements/requirement analyst.
  • Project management of planning system upgrades if you want to change versions or just have support for the supplier.
  • Hastus system management.
  • Tailor-made system development for specific support systems.
  • Integrations between various support and peripheral systems such as external databases, payroll, BI, accounting/finance or HR systems.
  • Development of BI solutions, from data processing to presentation.
  • Traffic planning and tender planning within traffic tenders with experience from both tram, train, metro, bus and electric bus.

Together for sustainable growth

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