InTransit Mobility Engineering


“We shape tomorrow’s sustainable societies for future generations.”


An increased climate and capacity focus places higher demands on accessibility and robustness in public travel. We have made it our mission to be an important enabler and to do our utmost to contribute to world-class public transport.

Through our solid knowledge and long experience of creating maximum benefit in combination with the highest cost efficiency for the public transport system, we ensure that our customers, and our customers’ customers – both public and private – get the best accessibility at the lowest cost throughout the entire life of the investment.

We are active throughout Scandinavia and together we help cities and regions to grow.

Business idea

We provide knowledge and expertise in complete public transport and transportation systems; from strategies, investigations, analyzes and procurement to operation and maintenance issues and management models. Examples of service areas we assist in:

  • Consulting and technical expertise within the entire life cycle of public transport and transport systems, from requirements to decommissioning.
  • Program/project management within asset management and asset management.
  • Consulting and management for digitization projects in the form of analysis, prediction, and documentation management throughout the system’s entire life cycle.

For future generations

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